About Us

Founded by educators and professionals from the San Francisco Bay Area, Windhorse Foundation is an all-volunteer organization. 100% of donations to Windhorse Foundation support in-country projects jointly planned with local village leaders and schools. We believe long-term change for a better way of life can be achieved through the education of children. Our support for schools occurs at the primary, secondary, and college educational levels.

Board members and other Foundation support is purely volunteer based. In addition, Windhorse Foundation is not affiliated with any religious or political entity or institution. We rely solely on the generous donations from others to complete projects such as helping immediate needs such as food support, livestock purchase, organic farming and fisheries, sponsoring children’s education, school materials, and other projects.

Windhorse Foundation Board of Directors & Support Team:

President - Lucinda Malott - lmalott@silcom.com

Vice President – Lorna Bender – benderlorna@gmail.com

Director -