Our Projects

Year-round, Windhorse Foundation raises funds to support our various projects in several Southeast Asian locations.

The Hmong Project

Hmong villagers needed to move from their mountainous homelands to a low-lying area along the banks of the Mekong River areas afflicted by malaria. The village became isolated after the relocation since there is no road to the village nor a boat for them to use on the river to sell crops, take their sick for medical treatment, or transportation for the children to go to school.Windhorse support includes purchasing a boat, clothing, medical supplies, education materials and supplies for the local primary school, sponsorship of students for secondary school, and other support to assist in the creation of a better way of life.

Laung Prabang Orphanage Project

Windhorse is providing support to 3 orphanages near the historical town of Luang Prabang, Laos. The orphanages provide housing, food, health related assistance, and education for students from poor local peoples such as the Hmong, Khmu, and Lao within the area. These children are orphaned due to the death of their parents resulting from trauma, infection, childbirth and lack of medical care, most of which is not a cause of death in most other countries. Other children are abandoned, as their families are too poor to care for them.

Immediate needs of the orphanages include funds for building new dormitories and toilets; providing food such as bread each morning, 4 eggs per week, and fruit weekly; soap, toothpaste and toothbrushes; and the educational support of the children including a full time teacher, school supplies, computers, and educational scholarships to advance high potential students.

Windhorse Scholarship Program

A College Education for the Poorest of the Poor

Windhorse Foundation is committed to helping the desperately poor, especially among indigenous groups in Southeast Asia. We do this by supporting various villages and orphanages. Education is a core focus of our work since an education not only provides new possibilities to the individual lives of the children but also has a huge ripple affect in improving their family, community and society for the better. It is vital to a thriving society and will promote tolerance and peace, advancement, and self-sustaining growth.

Windhorse’s Scholarship Program is dedicated to sending girls and boys who have grown up in the orphanage or from poor villages to college. Most of these young adults have no family and no place to go after they complete secondary school. Students who receive sponsorship to attend college can continue living at the orphanage or on their own until they complete their studies, after which they can find employment and afford separate housing. Each sponsored student is selected based on rigorous teacher and high school assessments and exams to determine aptitude for college study.

Our hope is to find sponsors to fund every motivated young adult for college study and thereby prevent these young people from being turned out to the streets or not have any opportunity for the future.

You can sponsor a child with support of $650/year for 4 years for college.

100% of these funds go directly to tuition, student’s education materials and other school-related costs. Your sponsorship is 100% tax-deductible.

“Jump Start” Scholarship

A Transition for a New Start to a Better Future

Windhorse Foundation is helping the brightest graduating students from the orphanages near Luang Prabang Laos by supporting them once they complete secondary school to transition to getting a job and enrolling into a trade school or college after leaving the orphanage.

The one-time donation/sponsoring of $350 provides the young adult:

  • 3 months of salary for on-the-job learning ($120),
  • 3-6 months accommodation ($110), and
  • school fees ($120).

Once a young adult obtains employment he or she becomes self-sufficient by earning a salary to pay for schooling and accommodation. Each of these young adults represent a future; the future of community, of country, and of the world. Our hope is to help as many of these young people as possible with a “jump start” to a better future.

100% of these funds go directly to tuition, student’s education materials and other school-related costs. Your sponsorship is 100% tax-deductible.

Lao American College

Lao American College was founded 30 years ago in the capital city of Laos, Vientiene and is one of the Vientiene’s best private colleges. Promoting independent learning, the college offers instruction in high demand subjects such as business management and English and offers a Diploma and Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Business Administration. The college’s mission is to promote quality education, active learning, and to help develop and shape students to become productive citizens who can become community leaders who help eradicate poverty within Laos.

Support from Windhorse to Lao American College include raising funds to sponsor students education, equipment such as a new copy machine, student textbooks, books for the library, and support for teacher salaries.